Small Business Saturday Shout Out #1 - Dye Candy

It can be quite tough being a small business. I'm not looking for sympathy, I love what I do, but when you run your own small business, the learning curve is enormous. In the last two years, I have taught myself basic accounting, developed an order and accounts management system, plodded my way through my tax returns, set up a database, learnt a new illustration programme to chart my patterns, set up two on-line shops and improved my photography and editing skills. All that plus trying to get a handle on a number of ever changing social media platforms. Oh, and the small matter of actually making things. I now pin, tweet, blog, post on Instagram and do battle with Facebook on a regular basis, all in an effort to get seen. I have come to the conclusion that getting seen is the holy grail for small businesses. How very easy it is to vanish into the ether, hours of hard work creating things of beauty that then languish away in some kind of internet understairs cupboard gathering dust. So I am going to be trying in my own little way to hopefully help some of the small businesses I know and love be seen by others. Welcome to my Small Business Saturday Shout Out. Every Saturday (or as many of them as I can), I will do a short review of one of my own personal favourite small businesses. Why not check them out for yourself? Go over to their pages, have a nose, immerse yourself in the loveliness. The creativity hiding away in this country is astonishing and deserves to be celebrated.

So for my very first review post, I would like to introduce you to Dye Candy.

Hand dyed yarn by Dye Candy

Dye Candy is an Indie yarn dying business run by the hilarious and slightly irreverent Lindsay Hutchinson. I will post all of the links to her various pages at the bottom of this post. Before I go any further though, I do need to