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Annie F.

Crochet designer, maker, blogger, parent, teacher and owner of a very overgrown allotment

crochet beard

I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by creativity in one form or another my whole life. I come from a line of bakers, makers, knitters, stitchers and gardeners. My Mum taught me to do most of these things as a child and after walking away from many of these hobbies for a few years I have found myself picking them back up as I have become a parent in turn.

After living in Moscow and teaching English for six months I went on to study drama at university. I have always loved the feeling of making something out of nothing, of creating a tangible item from the pictures in my mind and of spending time with like minded people. I worked in the public sector for nearly ten years before having children and am now the mother of two wonderful, riotous, hilarious and exuberant bundles of energy - a girl nicknamed Pip and a boy nicknamed Boo. He can blame his sister for that name! I now combine being a full time mum with running my own craft business, designing crochet patterns and teaching crochet, with a very occasional attempt at gardening. I have abandoned sleep.


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