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Privacy Policy May 2018

I don't know if you've noticed, but there has been a news story popping up all over the place for the last week or so (no, not the Royal Wedding, although that would be a much nicer blog post). Nope, I mean the changes to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDRP) that come in to force tomorrow. If you're anything like me, you've probably found your inbox bombarded by companies who desperately want to stay in touch with you. Well, even though my business is tiny, the regulations apply to me as much as anybody and as such, you can find my new Privacy Policy below.

I thought I'd give you a quick, straightforward over view of what data I collect and what I use it for, in addition to the full Privacy Policy. I collect only a limited amount of data, and only that data that is absolutely necessary to carry out the work that I do. I collect your name, username or nickname if relevant, address, email address, telephone number, order details and payment details. I do not collect all of this information from everybody, only where it is needed. You may chose to send me additional information, to help complete an order for example - this will only be collected and used where absolutely necessary. I sell my patterns and products through Ravelry, Etsy and Facebook and use both Paypal and iZettle to process payments. These sites will need to share some of your data with me so that I can process and complete your order, resolve any issues, answer any queries and comply with any laws and regulations (for tax purposes for example). I may need to share some of your data with them for the same reasons. This is something that you have agreed to when you sign up to use any of these websites.

I also use this website, provided by, and the social media platforms Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter (in addition to Facebook) to let people know about my business. If you chose to engage with me on any of these social media platforms, they will share a limited amount of your data with me, and vice versa, in accordance with the terms and conditions you agreed to when you chose to use those sites.

If you have subscribed to the mailing list on this website or have contacted me by any other means with a query or a request for more information, I will send you that information as requested. If you no longer want to hear from me with information about future course and new products and services, you can let me know either in person or by sending me an email.

If I need to process your data to complete and order or comply with regulations I will keep your data for as long as I am legally required to, which is a period of 7 years.

If you are not happy about how I have used your data, you are free to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner's Office. You can also request that I remove, correct or restrict the processing of your data - you can do this by contacting me in person or in writing and I will consider and respond to your request within a month. If you have any questions about what data I have or how I use it, please do get in touch and let me know. The full Privacy Policy is below:

Ditsy Pips Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

1.1 I am committed to safeguarding the privacy of my customers and subscribers.

1.2 This privacy policy applies to all transactions and communications, whether on line or in person, with Ditsy Pips.

1.3 In this policy 'I' and 'me' refers to Anne Farmer as Data Controller and sole trader for the business 'Ditsy Pips'.

2. Information I collect

I collect and process some or all of the following information:

2.1 Name

2.2 Username or Nickname

2.3 Address

2.4 Email Address

2.5 Telephone Number

2.6 Payment Details

2.7 Order Details

2.8 You may also choose to provide me with additional personal information relating to your order or a service I am providing. I will never request any personal information from you that is not directly relevant to your order or contract or which is not needed to fulfill the service I am providing to you.

2.9 You may provide this data to me directly or the data may be collected by me from 3rd Party sites listed in section 6.2 who have shared it in accordance with their terms and conditions for the purposes of fulfilling a contract for goods or services, resolving a dispute, responding to a query by you or to comply with laws and regulations.

3. Lawful Basis for Processing and Retaining your Data

3.1 Any personal data retained and processed to keep you up to date with new posts, products, goods and services is processed on the lawful basis of Consent. This means you have consented to allow me to use your data for this purpose. Your consent for the processing of your data for this purpose can be withdrawn at any time, in writing or verbally to me and must be responded to by my within one month of the request being made.

3.2 Should you agree to purchase any goods or services from me, I will retain and process your data under the lawful basis of a Contract. The personal data you, or a 3rd party provide me to fulfil this contract shall only be used and processed in connection with the contract itself and will not be used for any future marketing purposes.

3.3 Information you provide to me for the purposes of any kind of transaction shall be retained and processed after the completion of the contract under the lawful basis of Legal Requirement. This means that any information relating to any transaction can be kept and processed to allow me to comply with all necessary laws and regulations (for example, but not limited to, tax purposes).

4. Data Retention Period

4.1 I will retain your data only for as long as is required to comply with all legal obligations and regulations and for the resolution of disputes. This will be a period of no more than 7 years.

4.2 For mailing list subscribers, your email address will be retained for the purposes of the mailing list until you unsubscribe or request that your information is removed. (See Your Rights 5.2 below)

5. Your Rights

5.1 Under Article 17 of the GDRP you have the right to have your data removed in some circumstances. You have the right to unsubscribe to the mailing list at any point you choose, for any reason. Please notify me of this request in writing or verbally to me. You will be removed from the mailing list and your data relating to your mailing list subscription will be deleted within one month from the data of your request being received.

5.2 You have the right to have your data removed when it is no longer required for any purpose listed under Section 3.

5.3 You have the right to have your data removed where I have processed your personal data unlawfully or where I have been legally obliged to remove it.

5.4 You have the right to request a restriction of the use of your personal data in some circumstances, as per Article 18 of the GDPR. You may request a restriction on the processing of your data where you believe the data is inaccurate, where it has not been processed lawfully or where the data is no longer needed but you would like me to retain it. Any request to restrict the processing of your data can be made in writing or verbally to me and will be responded to within one month of the request being received. A temporary restriction of processing will be put ion place while your request is being considered.

5.5 It is important that any data held by me is accurate and up to date. You have the right to have any errors in your data corrected. Please notify me in writing or verbally of any corrections required. Your request will be responded to within one month of the request being received.

6. Sharing Information With 3rd Party Sites

6.1 I use a number of 3rd Party sites to provide information about my business, to sell my products and services, and to complete transactions.

6.2 These 3rd Party sites and providers are as follows:


6.2 Your data is only shared with and by these sites for the provision of goods and services, the completion of transactions, the resolution of disputes, the provision of information to you about my business and the fulfilment of legal and regulatory requirements.

6.3 Where you have accounts with any of these 3rd Party sites, your data will be shared with or by them in accordance with the terms and conditions you agreed to when signed up for an account with them. The Privacy Policies for each of these 3rd Party sites can be found at the end of this policy.

6.4 I will not send you any communications via any of these 3rd Party sites unless you have specifically requested me to, you have chosen to follow me or subscribe to a mailing list or unless it is necessary for the completion of a contract for goods or services, or compliance with laws or regulations.

7. Buying and Selling of Personal Data

7.1 I do not buy or sell any personal data.

8. Contact Details

I can be contact by post at the following address:

Anne Farmer

Ditsy Pips

23, The Wheatbutts,

Eton Wick,



United Kingdom

or by email at

9. 3rd Party Sites Privacy and Data Use Policies

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